Sponsor Application

If you would like to have your company, organization, or personal business advertised on The BOLO Podcast show and social media platforms, please complete the following application.

Contract Term

All sponsorship packages are a month to month contract with The BOLO Podcast. All costs are required to be paid upfront before the specified benefits will be put into effect and must be paid by the 15th of the month for the following calendar month (i.e. if paid by January 15, your featured month will start on February 1)

Exclusivity Term

The BOLO Podcast sponsorship program has an exclusivity term that prohibits companies with the same service or product to be featured during the same month (i.e. two supplement companies, two car dealerships, etc.)


All sponsors must apply and be approved by The BOLO Podcast administration. The BOLO Podcast reserves the right not deny any sponsorship request or terminate any active sponsorship agreement at any time.

Companies who are in conflict with other companies will not be allowed to participate in the sponsorship program