"Together, We'll Get Through This" with The BOLO Crew and Doctor's G and M

In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, we're a little over seven days since the Las Vegas mass shooting known as "1 October." We invited back our psychologists, Dr.'s Gisette and Mike Uthoff, to help out our followers and anyone who may need some help and encouragement. The doctors want everyone to know it's normal to have different feelings and that through conversation, activity, and therapy, you can get on a road to healing. The BOLO Podcast crew continue to pray for all those affected by this tragic event and can't thank the brave first responders and civilians who sprung into action to render help to those in need. Show Take-Aways   Possible physical aftereffects of the incident may ...
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"Infidelity; No One Ever Said It Was A Good Idea" with Doctors Gisette and Mike Uthoff

In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, psychologists, Dr. Gisette Uthoff and her husband, Dr. Mike Uthoff speak about the evil topic and all too often the stereotype of infidelity and cops. You'll learn about why infidelity happens within the law enforcement community, how to repair your relationship after cheating happens, and how to reveal it to your spouse. The show takes a slight turn when Mike gets on the topic about the NFL taking a knee during the playing of our national anthem. Dispatcher Kristen speaks about how to avoid bad/fast food when you're on the go, and how to make better choices when finding quick and healthy food on patrol.  Show Take-Aways   Both doctors haven't f...
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"Locker Room Talk" with Mike, Tamrin and Juicy

​ In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, Mike is back from the river and has a few things to get of his mind after hearing last week's episode with Tamrin and Alan aka "pumpkin". We are discussing social media background checks when applying for police and fire departments and how it can affect your eligibility or even resurface when under investigation. Things get heated as Tamrin speaks out passionately against the NFL wanting to protest law enforcement and take a knee during the national anthem. We cover these crazy topics as well as other news that happened throughout this week in law enforcement and the natural disasters that have left parts of the world devastated. > Show Take-Aways W...
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"Packing Heat" with Detective Jon Monroe

​ In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, we spoke with Detective Jon Monroe. Jon shared his knowledge about concealed carry and he gave solid information on CCW's on the civilian side and carrying off duty for officers. Jon has 15 years of law enforcement experience and does some pretty awesome firearms training with his company Tokoleshe Tactical Solutions . He is the lead firearms instructor at his department, sniper on the SWAT team, was an explorer advisor, narcotics investigator, and is involved in his department's police association and police foundation, helping represent the foundation and the law enforcement community. Juicy and Tamrin took the reigns this week, while Mike took a...
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"Have A Seat On The Curb," with Officer Ryan Tillman

​ In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, we're speaking with Ryan Tillman about repairing the image of the badge. Ryan has been an officer for four years and not only works in patrol, but is a member of his department's honor guard unit, recruitment team, and is a law enforcement explorer adviser. Ryan started teaching teens about his negative experiences with law enforcement. He found his message was being received positively, and he felt he had the opportunity to make a difference. For this, he created his business, Breaking Barriers United, which exists to breaking down the barriers that exist between law enforcement and the community, and uniting them. Also in this episode, we discuss an i...
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