"Cakes and Cantaloupes" with Evangelina Galindo

​ In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, we're talking with Evangelina Galindo. Evangelina has a bachelors in criminal justice from The University of Maryland and has been an athlete, training speed and agility, for the past 15 years. In less than 30 days she'll be heading up to Northern California for the California Corrections Academy to fulfill her goal of becoming a corrections officer. She is sharing with us how she stays prepared and doesn't allow the scale to determine her progress and allow it to stifle her positive mentality when tackling her fitness. Trainer Kristen with Team Fit For Duty is elaborating on last week's episode with "3 Natural Sleep Aids". These 3 homeopathic, non habi...
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"Catching Some Zzzz's" With Dr. Jace Allbright

​ In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, we're talking about sleep with Dr. Jace Albright. Sleep is a huge factor in allowing our bodies to properly recover. The key to proper sleep isn't only the length of sleep, but the density. What should we be doing to wind down? What activities should be avoided before hitting the hay? Dr. Jace walks us through methods we can implement in our sleep routine to avoid sleep aids and substances. Big Rich is back on with Tamrin and Mike discussing this week's news topics and how the line between celebrity and politics has been blurred. With flu season in full effect, Kristen is cooking up some bone broth and telling us all about the benefits drinking it may h...
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"Greasing The Groove" With Rich Carrion

​ In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, "Big Rich" Carrion is back! With Tamrin out of the studio for the week, we had to bring back an OG host to rag on Mike with Marc. Since we've last heard from Big Rich, he has retired from law enforcement and focusing on being his healthiest self. Rich tells us all about what it's like to be on the retired side of the badge and what he's been doing with his time. Marc, Mike, and Rich are talking about "Greasing the Groove", facing mental blocks in your fitness, and talking more smack about the notorious dragon shirt. It's holiday crunch time! We're all on the run trying to get last minute shopping and errands done. Kristen is giving us the best snack opt...
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"Crazy Larry's Protein School" with Larry Cheng

​ In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, the self-proclaimed 'Beast From The Far East' Larry Cheng is back to drop more knowledge bombs on us about 'Protein'. If you are someone who works out or doesn't live under a rock you know that when trying to get fit we are constantly hearing about how we need to consume PROTEIN, PROTEIN, PROTEIN!  But what exactly are we putting in our bodies when drinking protein supplement? What should we look for in our protein powder, where does it come from, and how much should we be consuming? Larry breaks all of that down for us and more while talking with the crew. Christmas holiday parties have already begun with alcohol sure to be present. Trainer Kriste...
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"We're Talking Some Sh*t" with The BOLO Podcast Crew

​ In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, the crew is talking a lot of sh*t . We have all experienced digestion issues and felt like we were full of poo. What myths have we been told that are simply not true when it comes to aiding a healthy digestive system? Do we really need grains to get the necessary amount of fiber or can we get sufficient fiber from vegetables? Tamrin, Mike, and Marc share how following keto has helped them fulfill their " dootie ". Homeless Marine Corps veteran, Johnny Bobbit, helped out a New Jersey woman, Casey McClure, who ran out of gas on her way to Philadelphia. He used his last $20 to get gas for her so she could be on her way. Casey was extremely grateful for thi...
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