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"Locker Room Talk" with Mike, Tamrin and Juicy


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, Mike is back from the river and has a few things to get of his mind after hearing last week's episode with Tamrin and Alan aka "pumpkin". We are discussing social media background checks when applying for police and fire departments and how it can affect your eligibility or even resurface when under investigation. Things get heated as Tamrin speaks out passionately against the NFL wanting to protest law enforcement and take a knee during the national anthem. We cover these crazy topics as well as other news that happened throughout this week in law enforcement and the natural disasters that have left parts of the world devastated.


Show Take-Aways

  • When posting on social media and applying for police and fire departments, keep in mind that your social media accounts will be under review.
  • The Gainsville Police Department "hunk off" fundraiser for hurricane relief is being shut down because of "anti semitic" jokes on one of the officer's Instagram pages.
  • The crew at The BOLO Podcast chooses to only affiliate with companies whose products we actually purchase, use regularly, and believe in their mission.
  • Alan talks about the benefits of yoga and how it helped him with his lifting.
  • 50g of carbs is in the average latte, not including the sugars.
  • Dr. Gisette Uthoff will be back with us next week covering infidelity within law enforcement.
  • If you have the opportunity to carry off duty, take it into consideration and don't live with the "what if's".
  • Mike and Marc have a social media training in Redding, CA for law enforcement social this weekend.
  • Mike talks about executing an ultimate fat killer plan: apple cider vinegar, keto, intermittent fasting, and CrossFit/HIIT training.
  • NFL wants to protest law enforcement during the month of November.
  • Tamrin feels that if you still want to support the sport of football, college football is a good option.
  • Mike and Tamrin believe that you should know the background of the cases before choosing to protest.
  • Officer in St. Louis was in pursuit of a drug dealer and carrying a personal assault rifle in his patrol car.
  • Tamrin's client, Britney, is on a law enforcement academy prep plan and giving her review of the customized plan designed for her.
  • When looking for a trainer make sure that you have ongoing communication with them.
  • There should be a professional, but genuine connection between you and your trainer.
  • Tamrin is gone on an Italian vacation and has plans of starting competition plans upon her return!! We'll be keeping you guys updated on her progress!

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Nutrition/Fitness Tip - Sweet Sensations 

  • Good sugars are made from fruits and vegetables.
  • Sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine.
  • The average american eats 19-22 teaspoons of sugar per day or 4lbs per month.
  • Men should eat approximately 9 tsp per day and 6 tsp for woman.
  • Sugars are empty calories and provide no nutritional value.
  • Sugar turns into fat.
  • Sugar causes dopamine to spike in the brain and fuels addiction.
  • Start cutting out sugar little by little.
  • Feeds cancer, causes depression, tooth decay, varicose veins, etc. 


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